• Tooth Aligners

  • When your smile needs only minor corrections to look its best, our specially designed Tooth Aligners are the perfect choice.  Similar to the Hawley retainer, a Tooth Aligner solution from Florida Orthodontic Institute accomplishes tooth movement gradually.  Our Tampa orthodontist can discuss how our Tooth Aligner system may be right for your unique needs.

    How our Tooth Aligner System works

    The Tooth Aligner is designed by our Tampa orthodontist using an impression of your mouth.  A series of aligners are then created to promote a gradual movement of one or more specific teeth.  The Tooth Aligner is like a retainer with a tooth correction built into each device. It is removable for eating and for your daily oral hygiene needs.   Each aligner is worn for a designated amount of time before the next aligner is introduced. When you first wear a new aligner, there will be a feeling of tightness which will ease as the targeted tooth or teeth move.  

    The Tooth Aligner System is a great solution for Tampa orthodontist patients who need only minor corrections to an otherwise straight smile.  Visit Florida Orthodontic Institute at any one of our 5 convenient locations to see if our Tooth Aligner solution is a good orthodontic treatment for you.