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  • Thanksgiving Leftovers That Are Great For Your Smile

    Happy Thanksgiving from your Tampa, Fl orthodontist! This is a great time to be grateful for all of the loved ones around you. We are especially grateful for the nutrients that Thanksgiving dinner provides. It may not seem very healthy, but when consumed as a normal human serving size, these [...]

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    Do I Need A Mouthguard?

    Now that Autumn is finally here, fall sports are in full effect. Soccer, football, and volleyball have been practicing for months and their games are just around the corner. Congratulations if you made the team! How exciting is it to get your gear for a new team? Your practice uniform and game [...]

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    Top 5 Reasons to Get Braces This Summer

    Summer is the best time for road trips, stay-cations, and beach days, especially in Tampa, FL. It’s also the best time to get those braces you’ve been postponing! We know what you’re thinking: How am I supposed to enjoy my vacation with new braces? Imagine how great you’ll feel [...]

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    What you Should know About Braces Treatment

    There are many factors that are considered when our Tampa, FL orthodontist is deciding upon your braces treatment.  While we know that you would love to have your choice of styles, each patient is unique in what their smile needs.  As the orthodontist Tampa, FL patients trust with their [...]

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    Questions about your Braces in Tampa, FL

    Patients new to orthodontia are often nervous.  What should I expect? How long will I wear braces? What will I look like?  These are common questions and easily answered.  But, first, our Tampa, FL orthodontist asks to see you for a consultation.  The benefit to this initial meeting is to [...]

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