• Braces

  • Braces work to move teeth through a system of wires, brackets, and rubber bands which apply a gentle force to each tooth.  The result of this controlled direction is a beautiful smile for years to come. Our Tampa orthodontist uses his expertise and professional knowledge to set you up for a successful orthodontia treatment plan.  With a thorough strategy for your new smile, and a little guidance, we can work together to create the perfect new smile for you with our traditional metal braces or ceramic braces options.

  • Metal Braces

    Metal brackets and wires are the most traditional of orthodontic treatments when you are looking to improve your smile.  Braces work to correct misaligned teeth, using gentle pressure to slowly move teeth into place. Our Tampa orthodontist uses metal braces with the majority of our patients for creating beautiful, amazing smiles.  Metal braces are the most durable, longest lasting orthodontic solutions available. Discuss metal braces with our staff for you or your child when you want the best in orthodontia care.

  • Ceramic Braces

    Ceramic braces offer Tampa orthodontist patients an alternative to metal braces.  These braces are less noticeable on the wearer due to the clear materials used. Ceramic braces are a wonderful solution for adults for a variety of reasons.  Cosmetically, they will not significantly change the appearance of your smile while you’re under the care of our team. The biggest difference between metal braces and ceramic braces is fragility.  Ceramic braces are more at risk to break, though with the right level of care, your ceramic braces will last the course of your treatment.