• Let Your Next Toothbrush Improve Your 2020

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    Your Tampa FL orthodontist hopes that your 2020 is going better than you could have imagined. It’s really wonderful how things turn out when you make a choice that’s different from your normal or usual routine. The only constant is change and those who are open to choosing the best option when there’s an opportunity for it often reap many unexpected benefits. The marketplace is constantly changing its supply of products based on choices that customers make. When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush? They should be replaced every few months as the bristles naturally wear down over time and they collect bacteria. We bet that there are several new options for toothbrushes since the last time you chose your new toothbrush. Here are some choices to consider while shopping for your next toothbrush to let your next toothbrush improve your 2020:

    Environmentally Friendly

    Many of the items we purchase frequently are made with and packaged in plastics. Over time, our choices as consumers have established that we demand more environmentally friendly options, and the supply is starting to appear. Whether you’re shopping online or near your orthodontist in Tampa FL, there are many more eco-friendly options available today than there were this time last year. Toothbrushes made of recycled plastics can greatly reduce the new plastics created and eventually polluting landfills or oceans. Better yet, plant-based options like sugar-based, bamboo, or wood toothbrushes can help us eliminate our need for plastics.


    When compared to classic manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes may be an extremely helpful tool for those who have braces. There is a significant price difference in the beginning when compared to traditional manual toothbrushes. However, with the number of times that you will end up replacing your toothbrush, and the benefits that they provide, the additional cost may very well be worth it. Consider it an investment into your dental care, not a splurge.

    The repetitive muscle movements in your dominant hand, wrist, and shoulder may be causing you tension that you didn’t realize over time. Electric toothbrushes have different options, like ultrasonic movements that vibrate to loosen unwanted food particles from your braces and teeth. Rotational movement options are also beneficial to mimic the recommended circular movement of your brushing. Electric toothbrushes also frequently come equipped with a timer option, in case hitting the 2-minute marker per session is difficult for you.

    Toothbrush Head Shape

    The shape of your toothbrush head can range but typically comes in either a rectangular- or square-shaped or a diamond-shaped head. With the braces hardware on your back molars, a diamond-shaped head or a head that comes to a smaller point, rather than a longer surface area may fit better. Have you already had your wisdom teeth removed or is it part of your orthodontic treatment to leave your back molars in place? The amount of space you have in tight corners in your mouth may benefit from a smaller head shape over others.

    Handle Shape

    The shape of your handle may also make a severe impact on the areas you’re easily able to reach compared to those that cause you to exert extra effort to clean. Rectangular handles may assist you in reaching the most surface areas of your teeth fairly easily while maintaining a gentle circular pattern. The corners and insides of your teeth need a little dexterity in your wrists to reach. Opting for a curved, angled, or calculated handle can help with these hard-to-reach areas with less effort. An adaptable handle is flexible to bend around the tight spaces easily, for those with less dexterity in their hands or wrists. Gripped handles can also help prevent slipping and hitting your teeth or your gums or tongue. There are also grips for left-handers as well, who’ve may have been holding their toothbrushes awkwardly for years.

    Bristle Design

    An ADA seal on your toothbrush can provide a level of credibility. You can be sure that these toothbrush bristles won’t fall out and into your mouth… especially if you’re replacing your toothbrush (or the head on your electric toothbrush) every few months after the bristles have worn down. When they are laid out at a right-angle, you may need to make a more conscious effort to reach all the surface areas. A cross-cross bristle design will help you gently lift or scoop the buildup off your teeth at an angle. Multi-level and wavy bristles can effectively brush the multiple shapes and spaces in between your teeth when brushing in circles. Polishing cups can help those who have stains or discoloration from an acidic diet or other vices.

    Bristle Softness or Toughness

    How soft or tough your bristles are can make an impact on the effectiveness of your brushing as well. Soft bristles are generally better for children or those with gentle soft tissue or gums. Softer bristles may also be more gentle for those wearing braces. They may not be as effective at removing unwanted food or plaque but will be more gentle with your orthodontic hardware. Be aware if you choose to use tougher bristles that your gums don’t begin to bleed or recede.

    Ultimately, the toothbrush that you choose is your choice. You vote with your dollar, so the type of choices you make today will impact the choices available to you over time, so make the choice to let your next toothbrush improve your 2020. Our goal is to create amazing smiles every day. If this blog made you smile, head over to our Facebook page where we post other tips and encouragement. Until your next appointment with your Tampa FL orhodontist, we’ll see you on our social media.