• Do I Need A Mouthguard?

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    Now that Autumn is finally here, fall sports are in full effect. Soccer, football, and volleyball have been practicing for months and their games are just around the corner. Congratulations if you made the team! How exciting is it to get your gear for a new team? Your practice uniform and game jersey, socks, shoes, pads… they’re probably in your gym bag ready to go. What about a mouthguard? It may not be a requirement by your coach, but our orthodontist Tampa, FL strongly recommends that you include it.

    If you choose to play sports, a mouthguard should be an essential item in your uniform. They protect your teeth and orthodontic work the same way that pads or guards protect your bones and joints. Mouthguards reduce the chances of breaking or chipping your teeth or injuring your teeth during contact with the ball or other players. Even a slow throw or elbow can cause serious pain or damage to your teeth.

    Do I Need A Custom Mouthguard?

    A generic mouthguard is a great option for your teammates, but if you wear braces, be sure to ask about custom-fit options. Your orthodontist Tampa, FL can create a custom mouthguard for optimal dental protection. The boil-and-form method used for one-size-fits-all mouthguards is not ideal for braces wearers. Rather, one that’s made for your unique smile will increase your safety and better protect the progress in your orthodontic treatment, We’ll create a custom mouthguard that protects you best.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Mouthguard? During an intense game or play, it’s common to clench or grind your teeth without even realizing it. Mouthguards can help ease the pressure that comes from clenching or grinding, in addition to protecting your mouth from contact. It creates a cushion for your bone so your teeth and jaw are all protected. Our orthodontist Tampa, FL recommends wearing a mouthguard even if you’re not playing a contact sport. You’ll likely need a mouthguard if you notice jaw aches after practices or games. When used properly, you decrease your chances of oral injuries significantly.  It also helps prevent costly emergency dental and orthodontic work. Your perfect smile is the ultimate goal. Don’t take a step back by trying a shortcut and ignoring your need for a custom mouthguard.

    The best and most challenging part of braces is how quickly they move. While this is great for your smile goals, it’s a challenge for mouthguard wearers. Your custom mouthguard may not fit as well today as it did during the start of last season. As your smile changes, our orthodontist Tampa, FL will guide you through solutions to keep your teeth and orthodontic work protected this fall season.

    Schedule an appointment to discuss the best options for your goals and to prepare for your upcoming sports season. Until then, like our Facebook page for more tips on braces care. Best of luck to your team this fall season!