• Top 5 Reasons to Get Braces This Summer

  • Summer is the best time for road trips, stay-cations, and beach days, especially in Tampa, FL. It’s also the best time to get those braces you’ve been postponing! We know what you’re thinking: How am I supposed to enjoy my vacation with new braces? Imagine how great you’ll feel checking this off your to-do list and being well on your way to a new and improved smile! These are 5 of the top reasons to get braces this summer: 

    1. Removes Your Tartar and Plaque 

    What do road trips, stay-cations, and beach days have in common? A plethora of sweet treats at your fingertips! These sugary snacks are fantastic at sticking to your teeth, adding tartar and plaque, and eventually leading to cavities if not properly cared for. We will remove this layer of buildup on your teeth in a thorough cleaning before we put your braces on. This allows your braces to stick to your teeth better, while also making it more difficult for the bacteria to grow. Be aware of unwanted food particles getting caught between your teeth and the wires. Take extra care when cleaning to do so gently and attentively. Continue to visit your dentist twice annually. We will give you a few tips on the proper way to care for your braces in between visits. 

    2. You’ll Have Plenty of Time to Adjust 

    Whether you’ll be at home or on vacation, summer is a great opportunity to try something new. Try a new restaurant, travel to a place you’ve never been, or face your fears! Would you prefer to get used to your new braces on the beach, giggling at the new memories you’re creating, or inside a classroom or office? Some patients have experienced discomfort after receiving their new braces. Take a vacation from the demands of everyday life and relax extra hard this summer. You deserve it! 

    3. Plenty of Time to Practice Cleaning 

    Have you ever gone the entire day with food stuck in your teeth? Everyone has been through this embarrassment at some point in their life. This summer, you’ll have extra opportunities to check your grill and make sure your smile is squeaky clean. You will have extra time to practice cleaning them so that when your busy schedule picks back up in the fall, you’ll already be a pro at keeping your mouth food-particle free. 

    4. Braces are a Great Accessory 

    You don’t have to hide from the camera! This is your chance to accessorize your smile with your favorite color, or to match an outfit you have planned. You can choose your favorite color combinations, or keep them neutral if you are still camera-shy. Soon enough, you’ll be smiling at every camera with a perfect smile! 

    5. Mix Things Up! 

    How fun is it to return to school or the office with a new accessory or story? Returning from vacation with a new and improved smile is a great way to mix up the monotony of everyday life. You’ll be an inspiration for others to work on their own goals. By you taking steps to improve your smile, others will be more likely to consider their own oral health goals.  

    When could possibly be a better time to focus on your goals? The time is now! Give yourself the smile you’ve always wanted, and inspire others to do the same. Are you ready to reach for your perfect smile? Call us today or set up an appointment to get started!