• What you Should know About Braces Treatment

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    There are many factors that are considered when our Tampa, FL orthodontist is deciding upon your braces treatment.  While we know that you would love to have your choice of styles, each patient is unique in what their smile needs.  As the orthodontist Tampa, FL patients trust with their smiles and braces treatment, look to our team when you want the best smile.  We consider all of the factors that go into a treatment plan in order to give you the most perfect smile.   Here are just a few things that come into play when developing a course of action:


    How your teeth are aligned in your mouth is the most important aspect that will affect your braces treatment.  Overlapping teeth or severe gaps between teeth typically require more intensive treatment plans.  When teeth are severely misaligned, our Tampa, FL orthodontist recommends using traditional braces and possibly palatial expanders before progressing to other methods.  With less misalignment, we may suggest treatments that are done in phases.


    Your commitment to our designed treatment plan is another big role.  If you take care of your teeth with proper oral care and are committed to a better smile, the time you wear braces can shorten.  Ask our team about oral hygiene with braces and learn what foods and beverages you should avoid.  Set reminders to clean retainers, or other appliances if necessary.


    Your family may be concerned with the cost, even though you are at a stage where you would pay anything to have a perfect smile.  While ceramic braces or Invisalign braces may be your wish, our Tampa, FL orthodontist has solutions like traditional braces that are a less expensive treatment plan. 


    What you do on a daily basis can also play a role when our team is developing your braces treatment plan.  If you are in the public eye or play contact sports, clear aligners may be a must.  If you have a busy lifestyle where you are always on the go, metal braces may be your best option due to their ease of use.

    By considering the factors above, we can start a treatment plan that fits your unique situation.  Call our office today for a consultation or join us on Facebook to learn more.   We’ll talk to you about your options as we learn about you and the needs of your smile.